The final pit to close in Leicestershire was Bagworth in 1991. I would have been almost 12 months old. Bagworth was once the most productive colliery's in Europe and even held a place in the Guinness Book Of Records. Coal mining was one of this Country's greatest industries. For centuries it built communities and supported them through thick and thin, peace and war. The coalfield of Leicestershire was no different - it was central to this regions community and economy for centuries. In 2008, I began photographing my home county, two decades after Bagworth shut up shop and the "black gold" era came to an end. 

Disintegrating Histories is the result of four years of focussed attention on NW Leicestershire. The county in which I grew-up. The county famous for pork pies, stilton cheese and fox hunting and, not unlike many other parts of England, has a long and proud coal mining heritage. 

My interest was to photograph a point in time that feels like the end of a significant transitional period in the areas history. With the people of the coal mining communities now reaching their later years of life, alongside the development of the National Forest, a new direction and way of life is setting in. My motive was to capture that feeling of transition.  

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