Christopher Mear
(b. 1990, UK)

Books & Publications

2020    002: About Time, self published (UK).

2019    001: England / Brussels, self published (UK).

2016    Coalville Photographed by Graham Ellis: a series of photographs and short films by Christopher Mear, self published (UK).

2014    Just Passing By, Snibston Discovery Museum (UK).

2013    Disintegrating Histories (local newspaper), self published (UK).

2013    Life is life, hakuna matata, self published (UK).

2012    Photography For The Preservation Of Disintegrating Histories, self published (UK).

Solo Exhibitions

2013    Snibston Discovery Museum, Leicestershire (UK).

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019    UK Young Artists City Takeover, Nottingham (UK).

2011    Free Range Art & Design Show, London (UK).

Writings On

2019    Lucy Bentham on England / Brussels. Published by Photograd, 2019.

2017    Lucy Bentham on Coalville Photographed by Graham Ellis. Published by Photograd.

2014    Maurice Maguire on Just Passing By. Published by Snibston Discovery Museum.

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