Coalville Photographed by Graham Ellis: a series of short films and a collection of photographs by Christopher Mear

2008 - 2016.

"This interesting and unusual take reminded us of the importance of collaboration and working together with other artists — without competition, not a race to the top, but shared progress, failures and successes."

Ameena Rojee, Of The Land & Us, 2018. 

"This book, and the project it contains, is achingly familiar as a documentary project of place. But it goes much further in positing a breadth of questions regarding the role of the photographer and the relationships held between practising photographers. Especially considering those making projects about the ‘same’ place or subject, it has to be noted that this book also defines the distinctions between how crucial the position of the photographer is, how our subjectivities are central to what we see, and the varieties of experience we bring to each enquiry or investigation. "

Lucy Bentham, Photograd, 2017.

"Coalville Photographed is an intimate, inside look at Coalville through the eyes of fellow photographer Graham Ellis. The whole body of work is a homage to photography and subjectivity - its connection between place and man. It's a very in depth study of a man's link to a place through the medium of photography. The video work is a mix of images and informal conversations between Ellis and Mear. The conversations between the two photographers are meandering subjects on photography as a medium. The work seems informal and very genuine but at the same time meticulous as a document of Ellis, Coalville and even Mear himself." 

Page Wicks, Semi-Zine 2017.

"... picking up on the feelings, memories, stories and perspectives of local people who have offered their take on the current nature of this area and how it has altered over its recent history. It offers us all a new understanding of place based on the ingredients that hold and connect us to a location, and the way that people engage with it to build new meanings and understandings. Place is a rich and complicated interplay of people and environment and this idea is captured in the work presented here... His own narrative is interwoven in the process of developing his perspectives of Coalville and its surroundings over his lifetime in the area and he blends this well while allowing other voices to tell their small part of this larger story."

Maurice Maguire, Snibston Discovery Museum, 2014.

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