"The whole body of work is a homage to photography and subjectivity - its connection between place and man... The conversations between the two photographers are meandering subjects on photography as a medium. The work seems informal and very genuine (background noise is kept in the video work and the video itself is mostly handheld) but at the same time meticulous as a document of Ellis, Coalville and even Mear himself." 

Page Wicks, Semi-Zine, 2017

Coalville Photographed By Graham Ellis

1. "You can only photograph what's there."

2. "Because of something that you've started."

3. "How would I have found any of this?"

4. "How far should you go with photography?"

5. "There Are More Questions Than Answers."

6. "I just capture images."

7. "The camera doesn't do anything."

8. "Dedication."

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