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003: Discarded Gloves

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  • 6" x 4" postcard (signed)
  • Edition of 25
  • Photograph and design by Christopher Mear

On 16 March 2020 the UK was placed under an unprecedented lockdown in an attempt to to limit the spread of COVID-19, this announcement sparked a sudden spate of panic buying in UK shops and supermarkets, particularly toilet paper and canned foods. As a tired retail worker, walking to and from work each day, for some reason, I found myself drawn to the presence of the protective gloves that found themselves discarded on and around the footpaths around my place of work. In a time of "social distance" these flailing, but lifeless hands seemed to be a desperately sad reminder of intimacy and connection. For the following several months I began making photographs of these emotional relics. 

Discarded Gloves is a series of photographs which will be gradually published as a series of limited edition postcards. 

£1.12 from the sale of each postcard will be donated to the mental health charity MIND.

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