Photography For The Preservation Of Disintegrating Histories

"The Final pit to close in Leicestershire was Bagworth in 1991. I would have been almost 12 months old. Bagworth Colliery was once the most productive pit in Europe, and even held a place in the Guinness Book Of Records. Coal mining was one of this Country's greatest industries. For centuries it built communities and then supported them through thick and thin, peace and war. The coalfield of Leicestershire was no different - it was central to the regions community and economy for centuries. In 2008, I began photographing the area, two decades after Bagworth shut up shop and the "black gold" era came to an end."

- Christopher Mear, Photography For The Preservation Of Disintegrating Histories, 2012.

Self published, 2012.
47 pages 37 photographs.
20.3 × 12.7 cm.
Edition of 210.
Designed by Christopher Mear.

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